Did Rick Perry Assault Ron Paul?

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Inappropriate touching?

During a commercial break in last nights GOP debate at the Reagan Library in Simi Valley, Ca., Texas Governor Rick Perry approached Dr. Ron Paul in an aggressive manner going so far as to actually grab Dr. Paul by the wrist and sticking his finger in his face, eventually pushing Ron Paul completely off his podium. This incident occurred during the commercial break, when Perry thought the cameras were off, but fortunately, a quick photographer managed to capture these still images.

In another still photo from the series, you can see Gov. Perry get right up in Dr. Paul’s face, inches away, as if leaning in for a kiss.
Ron Paul’s security actually had to tell Perry to back off.

A Leader?

The headline that is now traveling the internet is that Ron Paul “fans” are claiming assault. First, that would be for Ron Paul to determine and second, why is the focus not on Rick Perry, the aggressor?
In my opinion, these photos are devastating to Rick Perry’s campaign. Who in their right mind would vote for President, a man who treats people in this manner?

He wants to be the leader of the free world?
Would he have done that to Chinese PM Wen Jiabao, when he visited recently and had some harsh rhetoric against the USA?

No word on when, or if Ron Paul will divulge what exactly was said during this heated exchange, and any speculation about assault charges are unfounded.

Cowboy’s belong in the movies.

Another Cowboy?

Rick Perry seems to believe he has the power to violate people in a physical manner, whenever he wants, as in the Gardasil scandal or when he took all those kids from their homes based on a tip from a prank phone call. I don’t think America is in any position to be led by a bully.

Scary stuff.


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