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Money is an important element our daily lives. Without money our lives are worthless. Every organisation in the world, event in all fields is dependent on money. And the only way to keep that money safe is with the bank. Today we will discuss about top 10 banks in the World in 2021. There are name, importance of bank and how does it work. Let’s discuss the bank in detail without delay.

whta is Top 10 Banks in the World?

Banks which are very good at providing international and domestic economic transactions all over the world.Those banks have their head offices, branches and sub-branches at different part of the country and abroad.Those call Top 10 Banks in the World.

There are ….

1) City Bank 

2) Bank of Baroda


What’s Bank?

The bank is a financial institution. People can keep /save their money safe. If necessary, he can withdraw his money without any condition. Their deposited money is returned from the bank with interest. Cheque redemption and providing loans and financial services are available, it is called a bank.

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Top 10 Bank in the World in 2021
Top 10 Bank in the World in 2021

Accepting money for the purpose of lendingis investment from the public, repayable on demand or otherwise and withdrawal by cheque, draft or cash.

– Banking Regulation Act 1949 India.

Description of Bank

Description: The word bank has come from the Italian word ‘Banca’ and the Frenc word’ ‘Banqur’, these two words mean ‘Branch’. It is made of wood. Government-approved this Branch term in bank and money transaction bench. In other words money exchange table. It was later recognized as a Bank.

Why we need money and save safe it?

It has become impossible for people to survive without money.

People work day and night to earn money. He earns money for the future and for the rest of his life and tries to save it.

People are looking for the top ten banks to save money. Top ten government banks and licensed by the government.

People start looking for banks where the people get the best facilities. So people are looking for ten trusted banks in the country. Below are the descriptions of ten World Banks from home and abroad.

There are many banks around the world. Some of such notable banks are –

Top 10 Banks in India in 2021

Definition of top 10 indian banks :


  1. AB – Axis Bank
  2. SBI – State Bank of India
  3. ICICI Bank – The Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India Bank.
  4. HDFC Bank – Housing Development Finance Corporation Ltd.
  5. PNB – Punjab National Bank
  6. KMB – Kotak Mahindra Bank
  7. BOB – Bank of Baroda
  8. BOI – Bank of India
  9. YB – Yes Bank
  10. IDBI Bank – Industrial Development Bank of India

Note : CSP – Customer Service Point : At present, due to the large population growth, it is taking a lot of time for the customers to transact with the bank
And customers are also getting annoyed and frustrated as they stand. 
Many villages do not have bank facilities due to lack of facilities, which is depriving the people there of banking facilities.
Various banks are setting up their sub-branches. The name of the Customer Service Point.
Such customer service points can be noticed in all these banks
1) SBI
2) BOB
Facilitate customer service point
1) Where there is this point, it is convenient for the residents to open a bank account.
2) School-going students have the facility to open a bank account and get scholarship money at their school and they withdraw their money from that point.
3) The villagers deposit their money in that bank and keep it safe.
4) Elderly people near the bank who are eligible for old age allowance and receive government grants can easily open their bank account and withdraw the money.
5) It is not a waste of time for customers to transact money.
Due to the above special facilities, opening of CSP will bring a lot of benefits to the customers of all the villages and nearby areas and also increase the number of customers of the bank.

Top 10 Bank in USA in 2021

  1. Bank of America
  3. PNC  Financial  Services Group Inc
  4. Capital One
  5. Wells Fargo
  6. U.S.B
  7. PNC Bank
  8. U.S.Bank Branch
  9. HSBC Bank USA
  10. JPMorgan Chase

Top 10 Bank in Saudi in 2021

  1. National Commercial Bank
  2. Saudi British Bank
  3. Alinma Bank
  4. Riyad Bank
  5. Arab National Bank
  6. Saudi National Bank
  7. Alawwal Bank
  8. AL Rajhi Bank
  9. Banque Saudi Fransi
  10. Saudi Investment Bank

Top 10 Banks in England in 2021

  1. Stander UK
  2. HSBC Holding
  3. Atom Bank
  4. Bank of Ireland UK
  5. Metro Bank
  6. Barclays
  7. Lloyds Banking Group
  8. Virgin Money
  9. Royal Bank of Scotland Group
  10.  Nationwide Building Society.

Top 10 Banks in China in 2021

  1. Bank of China.
  2. Central Bank of the Republic of China Taiwan.
  3. National Bank of China.
  4. Industrial Development Bank of India.
  5. Agricultural Bank of China.
  6. China Merchants Bank.
  7. Industrial Bank Co Ltd.
  8. China Development Bank.
  9. Postal Savings Bank of China (PSBC).
  10. Hong Kong-based Bank.

Top 10 Banks in Kuwait in 2021

  1. National Bank of Kuwait NBK.
  2. Kuwait Finance House.
  3. Kuwait International Bank.
  4. Gulf Bank.
  5. Burgan Bank.
  6. Boubyan Bank
  7. Industrial Bank of Kuwait
  8. Commercial Bank of Kuwait
  9. Al Ahli Bank of Kuwait
  10. Al Ahli United Bank

Top 10 Banks in Australia in 2021

  1. National Australia Bank Limited NAB.
  2. Reserve Bank of Australia.
  3. AMP Bank.
  4. Sydeny.
  5. ANZ.
  6. Bank Australias.
  7. My State Bank.

Indian Banks

The bank that Indians set up to invest Indian money is called the Indian Bank. A bank that provides services to people in different parts of the country is called a national bank.

Why should we consider any institution as a Bank?

The institution that gives the loan.

The institution that exchanges money by cheque.

That must be registered by the government bank act.

Types of Banks in India

There are different types of banks in India.

They are

Bank management

The country’s finance minister provides economic services and maintains economic accountability.

Reserve Bank of India

Various cabinets were formed to take the country to the pinnacle of development.One of them is the Finance Minister.The finance minister and his cabinet manage the country’s economic system.RBI manages the economic system of India through the Cabinet of Ministers of Financ.The RBI manages the economic system and banks in India, by Finance Minister.RBI Bank is the bank of the Bank of India or father of bank of India.This bank is called Apex Bank.This bank was established by the English to control their economic system and to manage the other banks in India, including the Economic Bank, in April 1935(byRBI Act-1934).

The Bank of India has set up various branches in all parts of India to provide its services.The RBI first divided the bank into two branches. The top 10 banks in India are managed by RBI Bank.

In order to provide economic opportunities in different parts of India, RBI divides into two branches.They are-1. Non scheduled bank and 2.Scheduled bank.

A) Non scheduled bank

Non Schedule Bank has less than 20% of the lowest volume in India. For examlpe Jammu Kashmir Bank.

B) Scheduled bank

More than 80 per cent of scheduled banks in India are for the economic benefit of the public for Banking service.There are- 

1.Co-operative Bank

a) Urban Cooperative Bank


i) The Urban Co-Operative Bank Limited Cuttack

ii) The maargam Urban Co-Operative Bank Ltd

b) State Cooperative Bank

i) West Bengal State Co-operative Bank.

ii) The Maharashtra State Co-operative Bank.

2. Commercial bank

(A) Private bank 

What’s Private Sector Bank? 
The bank is made up of less than 50 ℅ of the capital of the government and more than 50 ℅ capital of industrialists, Richest Person, under the control of Commercial Bank under the rules of RBI Bank is called Private Sector Bank.

For examlpe-i) ICICI Banki

i) Katak Mahindra Bank

iii) Axis Banki

v) HDFC Bank

(B) Public

i) Nationalize Banks

All Indian banks established under the Indian Banking Regulation Act 1949 are called Indian National Banks.The government share of this bank is more than 50℅.

What’s Nationalize Banks?


For examlpe

ii) Associate Banks and SBI

When the bank was established in India, not all the states in India had access to banking.After the independence of India from the British on 15th August 1947, then king ruled in different states of India.The kings at that time thought of the people of the state and established the bank by investing their own capital for the benefit of the public.All activities were in accordance with the rules of king of this state and RBI.Such banks were called Princely State Own Bank.In 1959 AD, there were eight such banks in India.The eight banks were later transformed into subsidiary banks.It was called Associate Bank SBI Bank.

For examlpe-

iii) Other Public Sector Bank

All those Indian banks, A separate rule is made for the banks in Parliament Banking act, which do not follow the rules of Association Bank and SBI Bank and Nationalize Bank.It following those(Banking act 1964) rules is called Other Public Sector Bank.It was established in the year 1964AD

For examlpe-Industrial Development Bank of India(IDBI)

(C) Regional Banks

For Example- i) Paschim Banga Gramin Bank

ii) Madhya Pradesh Gramin Bank

iii) Karnataka Vikas Grameena Bank

(D) Foreign banks

i) American Express Banking Corp.

ii) Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank Limited


Our opinion
They will be the first to try to open a bank account in the country where you live.
After looking for a bank and researching them thoroughly, you will try to open your and your family’s account in that bank.
Before opening a bank account, you should see that the bank is trustworthy and abides by the rules of the government bank.
Because there is no shortage of chit funds in the current market and various organizations are taking money from the people by chit fund and they are running away.
Before opening a bank account, read and understand the following information carefully, then you will open a bank account as per your liking

1) The government’s banking rules are being followed.

2) Whether they are in the top ten banks.

3) Try to open the accounts of all the top ten banks that have branches in different parts of the country.

4) In all those banks, Economic exchanges do very well.

5) In all those banks, 24 hours transactions in different ways. For example By ATM and Online Payment (UPI, Googlepay, Phonepay, Pytm) .

6) In all those banks, Own company or bank should have ATM machine in your local area.

7) In all those banks are Applies to everyone for transaction.

8) There are facilities in different parts of the country.

9) In those banks, National and international activities are completed.

10) The bank has a system of providing low interest rate loans to Middle class and day laborers.

11) Especially in rural areas, farmers and small traders need to look for loans.

It is necessary to open an account in a bank that provides the above facilities.
That bank should be one of the top ten banks in that country.

There are many chit fund companies in the world that disappear and run away with money.

It is much better not to open a bank account than to open Fack Banks account.

Do not succumb to any temptation and do not save money.

So you have to take responsibility for your money,
Where it is stored, it will be protected.
Because, This is your earnings and future savings.

If you want to use a bank’s credit card /debit card and use an ATM, click on the link below to find out which ATM card belongs to which bank and where?

In this column, we are going to discuss 10 top banks name, their activity and importance. Each bank is the best in its own way. I hope it will not be difficult to choose which bank is the best in your view.
If you have an opinion about the bank, don’t forget to be open in the comments. Thank you.

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